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WiseLifter, Hook-n-Lift, The perfect turkey lifter for grills, smokers and roasters. If you've ever tried to wrangle a cooked turkey from the roaster or grill to the platter, you will appreciate the accessibility and ease this tool brings to the process. WiseLifter™ is sturdy and can handle the weight of up to a 30 lb bird, allowing you to tote it with one hand. The pointed tip embeds into the birds breast bone and prevents the bird from sliding off or rotating making the relocation from pan to serving dish in one easy move. Works for all types of poultry (stuffed or unstuffed). Also works great for large cuts of meat such as hams, beef roasts, pork roasts, lamb, ribs etc.. Compact design fits into most kitchen utensil draws. Made from surgical grade stainless steel, custom made Ash hardwood handle and stainless steel hanging chain. Limited lifetime warrantee.

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Price: $17.95

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