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WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip™

WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip™
WiseHooker™ Clean-n-Flip is the ultimate grilling tool. It is a quality innovation that makes grilling safer, cleaner & easier than ever. The unique design combines the functions of several tools in one! Does the job of a grate cleaning tool, grate removal tool, tong, fork, spatula and more!
Measures 18" in length.

Quick & Easy Cleaning
* WiseHooker™ uses a unique design that surrounds and cleans the top, sides and underside of the grate.
* Cleans better, safer and cheaper than a gooey wire brush. Does not gum up, splatter on you, or wear out.
* Cleans most grills, hot or cold: stainless, cast iron, porcelain, ceramic, gas, electric, wood or charcoal.
* Safer as you do not worry about the wire grill brush bristles breaking off and getting into your food.
* After cleaning, wipe with a paper towel. Your grill is cleaner, your tool is cleaner, and you're cleaner too!

Secure & Fast Food Turning
* With just a quick turn of the wrist, securely and quickly lift and turn: meats, vegetables, and more!
* Does not damage meat like other tools. Just a light prick of the fat or meat surface is all that is needed.
* Helps keep your hands and arms away from the heat so you don't get burned.
* Faster and more secure flips with no more accidental drops. Very strong design for very large cuts of meat.
* Keeps food clean, it does not scrape up grill grit like a spatula or tongs.

Other Features
* Includes detailed instruction card attached to tool with copy of our two favorite 3 Brothers BBQ Sauce recipes.
* Great for back yard BBQ, professional BBQ, camping and RV people love it. Also works great for smokers.
* Works equally well for right and left handed people.
* Won't rust or corrode. Handmade in the USA from surgical grade stainless steel and hardwood handle.
* Makes a great unique but useful gift. Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Click to see video demonstration
Price: $24.95

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